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MIM, Parliament to Train 193 Legislatures February 12, 2016

The Malawi Institute of Management (MIM), in conjunction with the National Assembly, have committed to building the capacity of all the 193 Members of Parliament (MPs) through a Parliamentary Training Program (PTP) in Lilongwe, with an objective of providing and enhancing their knowledge base as they execute their duties in the August House. The PTP has been made possible with funding from the UNDP Malawi Office.

Speaking in Lilongwe during the opening ceremony of PTP Fifth Cohort in January this year, Malawi Institute of Management Executive Director, Mr. Precious Givah said MIM has so far trained 150 MPs out of 193, a situation which proved the Institute’s commitment to success of the programme.

“We are grateful for challenging us to facilitate the program for 193 MPs. So far we have run four Cohorts with the current as the fifth one. As MIM, we are committed to the success of the training program for the projection of outcomes in the chamber”, Mr. Givah said.

He emphasised that MIM’s role in the PTP is very important as it is providing the best of what it does in transacting knowledge management hence its commitment to provide the services within the specified and agreed timeframe.

In his remarks, Speaker for Malawi National Assembly, Honourable Richard Msowoya, who was accompanied by the newly recruited Clerk of Parliament (CoP), Mrs Fiona Kalemba, observed that MPs need to understand the changes happening in the society to know how they can improve lives of people through their deliberations in the Chamber.

“The situation is not right in our society. Parliament should be able to provide solutions to the problems the country is encountering, hence the need for MPs to understand parliamentary process and procedures in depth”, Honourable Msowoya said.

He also encouraged trainee legislatures to be attentive and that they should understand procedures and practices so that they go back to Parliament with solutions for the situations the country is facing.

The Program will see MPs gain knowledge in Elements of Law, Conflict Resolution, Constitution, Budget Framework and Gender among other topics to be tackled.